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Viki Collier

Insurance agent – specialist

Hello, my name is Viktória Collier and I have been working at UNIQA since 2016. Although I studied to be an English teacher, I decided to put my skills to work helping people understand the importance of insurance and its benefits. Working with people really fulfills and entertains me. I can speak with you in Slovak, Czech, and English, and I am already looking forward to what I can help you with!
My professional specialization is working with foreigners – those who are here only temporarily and those who have decided to put down roots. But I am interested in all areas of insurance as the variety of my work is really boundless. My motto is: “The impossible at once; the miraculous just takes a little longer.” So what can I help you with?

+420 773 483 331 viktoria.collier@obchod.uniqa.cz

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Viki Collier